PolarWare Brew pot rulez (mostly)

We’ve been using the PolarWare 40 quart brewpot for the last few beers we’ve brewed here at the trailer, and for the most part are quite happy with it. The temperature probe and the ball-lock valve really make brewing with and draining the pot quite easy. We are able to easily monitor the temperature and overall find this to be a really nice investment. Solid, thick , heavy-duty stainless steel nicely welded fittings, overall I’m really happy. The only caveat I have is it’s pretty clear the false bottom is absolutely necessary if you want to use this kettle.

For the most part we’ve been brewing partial-mash extract kits and I’ve found that the dust and small loose grains that escape the muslin bags are clogging the ball-lock valve when we attempt to drain the kettle. I’m hopeful that once we get the false bottom on hand (within a few weeks) this probably will go away. For the mean time we’re siphoning directly from the cooled wort, as it’s much simpler than dealing with a blocked valve.

For a little love, here’s a pic (blatently stolen from the Polarware website) of the kettle we’ve been using.
Polarware Kettle

You can find this kettle at nearly any of the homebrew shops in our links section.

622 thoughts on “PolarWare Brew pot rulez (mostly)”

  1. I’m big K’s smaller, better-looking roommate. My first post to our website. I hate to admit it when Kyle’s does something right, but he’s bought the best equipment, made some mighty fine brews and put together a decent blog (my own site hasn’t been updated in 8+ months).

    I normally wouldn’t be motivated enough to pull myself away from Helga when she’s full of Scottish 80 Schilling Ale (my first solo brew), but I take umbrage at some of the big guy’s comments here. Before I express my rebuttal, let me assure you that Helga is a glass 1-liter Oktoberfest stein, not a drunken girlfriend. I should be so lucky. I have yet to find a real woman that can hold as much beer as Helga (that’s a challenge to the ladies out there — prove me wrong if you disagree).

    To get back to the point, I disagree with the fact that Kyle has anything bad to say about the Polarware at all. I love the damn thing and Kyle’s comment about the spout is ridiculous. It’s pretty obvious that (swollen grains + no strainer = clogged 1/8″ i.d. spout). I don’t think user error should stain this flawless piece of fine steel. If you have the cash for one of these, shell it out. If you’re going to do grains in it either buy the false bottom for it or don’t rip the friggin’ grain bag on the post for the thermometer and bitch about the spout clogging. If you gotta a kidney stone, it’s not you’re urethra’s fault the flow stops.

    I’m not perfect (as the cider incident shows) but I think y’all should know, the P-ware is the shizznat. ’nuff said.

  2. Thank-you for the dialogue. If you can’t have a frank and honest discussion with your roomate, who can you let it all hang ourt for?

    I have been studying brew pots in an entirely obsessive and homebrewer fasion the last couple of weeks. The PolarWare Brew Pot seems to be the only logical conclusion other than a converted keg for brewing. Obviously a report of spout cloggage was disconcerting. However, the “roommate counterpoint” has restored my faith in commonsense and logic.

    Carry on gentlemen!

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