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That’s my official title. I’ve been incredibly inconsistent with updating this thing lately. It’s not a surprise, as writing about myself and my exploits isn’t exactly my bag. I’m more of a talker, get a couple of beers in me and I’ll do my best to entertain you for the rest of the evening. Writing though always seems a bit pretentious to me (as if I have anything worth reading to say) and it’s difficult to want to do it. But I pay the bills for this website so I should occasionally update. This is a followup to the last posting. I’ll sort of key the viewers in on the results of the previous brew cycles.

We’ll start with the Firkin. The Firkin ended up coming out a week after we’d originally planned due to Paul being unavailable, so it had five weeks of aging before we drank it. It was a bit of a hit. The entire thing was gone inside of 30 minutes and I hadn’t seen the pub that busy in a long time. I like to tell people once the first firkin was sampled everybody started making phone calls to get more people down there . Or maybe I just got lucky and it was a good day. Regardless my ego took quite a few strokes that night. Great fun, would definitely do it again. Now I just need to get Aaron to let me do a guest batch out at Millstream. 🙂

The Cyser was a rather big hit overall. The end result was more dry white wine than apple cider, but I have yet to find anyone that complained (in fact John keeps bugging me for a six pack of it). It was so good, I decided to do a second batch. I made a few changes with the second batch, for starters there was a lot more granny smith juice, and I used a beer yeast on it. I honestly can’t remember what one now. I think it was a dry cider, but no promises on that. It might have been AAII as far as I know. I’ve been getting sloppy with keeping track of things. 🙂 At any rate that was brewed in early September and then pretty much ignored, neglected, and even slightly derided. It came out fantastic. The luck of the Kyle once again rears it’s head. The second version has a distinct sourness to it that I’m fairly positive is partially the result of bacteria. I balanced that somewhat by adding a pound of lactose at bottling, but the apple tart explosion is unmistakeable. It’s only been in bottle for a week, and I’m going to try and leave that alone for a while as I’m certain it’ll simply improve with age.

The CocoNana was obviously the most interesting thing I brewed this year, and certainly piqued the interests of a lot of people. We bottled this at the same time as the Cyser in early September. In the end it came out quite fine, again with more of a white wine flavor than anything else. It was all coconut at the beginning of the tasting, and the finish was banana. Neither flavored dominated, which is actually a bit of a bummer. I’d like to do this again with way more banana and coconut. In fact, as I was writing this I had an idea. I’ll think more on this and get back to you (Return of CocoNana?). This is nearly all gone with maybe just a six pack or two left. It was a huge hit with the ladies, so brewers give it a try for that special someone that lets you destroy her kitchen.

Lastly the Mead. It’s now four months old, and sitting in it’s third carboy since brewing. It’s really hard to say what the end result of this is, as meads can take years to really mature, but it’s got an interesting start. I brewed this with 15lbs of honey from the local apiary, honey that was harvested from a hive that’s mostly basswood flavored. It’s really hard to describe basswood honey, since it’s such a unique flavor, but I’m told my mead has a very noticeable flavor of lychees. For those that don’t know what that is, lychees are a fruit that’s prominently grown in the tropical regions of Asia. They look like this
Lychees from Wikipedia
Suffice to say the mead is interesting and I look forward to seeing how it ends up.

And to briefly wrap this up, since my last post I’ve done yet another WheatIPA that’s actually in keg (finally using the kegerator again), and have a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout clone in fermentation. Oh, and I can’t forget the Orange-Cranberry frozen concentrate hooch. But I’ll discuss that more later. I promise.

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  1. King of Slack – couldn’t agree more with your self assesment – not good about writing about your exploits but a couple beers and all your secrets are out my friend. anyway – thanks for sharing yoru site with me – I’ve gotten a few good laughs out of it. Too bad you weren’t keeping something like this back in the old SMC Retail days – could you imagine all the things no one would want to see up on your site….


  2. Hey. I was Wandering if I can use your picture of the lychees for my ICT coursework?

    Many Thanks.

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