Guest Brewing and Mead/Cyser/CocoNana Update

So, I’ll be doing a guest Firkin session at Old Capitol in about a month. Well, I’ll be brewing this weekend, and presenting in about a month. The beer? Why the Wheat IPA of course. Mark and I have both bugged Paul a few times about doing it, and he’s been fairly open to the idea.

So last week I decided to push it, and he said he’d be cleaning kegs and getting ready for new batches this week. Last night I went down and cleared everything with him (including reimbursement of costs). The plan is for me to brew the batch at home and let it go through primary fermentation at my place. Once the primary fermentation is done we’ll throw some fermentables at it, and keg it in a firkin and let it age for roughly three weeks. Then mid-September we’ll have the tapping and dispensing. It’s going to be a bit unusual for the regular firkin crowd given the hops and the alcohol, but it should be fun to do. And I look forward to the showering of praise and acclaim for my efforts. 🙂

The Mead, Cyser, and CocoNana are all coming along. Plans are in place to bottle both the Cyser and CocoNana this weekend (on top of the big 10 gallon brew day scheduled for Sunday) as they have finished fermentation and rest and are ready for bottles. Have I yet mentioned how much I love bottling? Yeah, I don’t really, but I also don’t drink enough to fully utilize the keg fridge, and the bottles keep longer, are more portable, etc. Plus, the CocoNana really will be for having fun and showing off, so I need to take it along.

The Mead started fermentation pretty slowly. I haven’t checked it in a couple of weeks, so will do another siphon and gravity check this weekend. Hopefully the extra yeast I threw in when transferring to secondary jump started the process (definitely more flocculation than I was seeing with the dry yeast first used so that’s a good sign). We’ll see how things look this weekend.

The Cyser had pretty much finished out when we transferred to secondary. It was nearly below 1.000 on the gravity two weeks ago, so should be fine and ready for bottling. I look forward to kicking back on a fall night with that guy, as the flavor is just fantastic (Granny Smith’s for the win!).

The CocoNana certainly has been interesting. The purple mush photo from before scared the hell out of me, but slowly but surely all the banana fiber floated up towards the top. By the time we transferred it was completely suspended above the liquid. It was the oddest thing, but made the siphon super easy. At this points it has an opaque green color to it, and is definitely going to be interesting. Not as much total volume as I’d hoped, but I can remedy that the next time around. All signs point to this being excellent though, as it had a great flavor on the secondary transfer. It too was nearly at 1.000 when transferred so these last two weeks of aging should have really helped the flavor more than the alcohol. Watch for more on this after this weekened.

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