I’m Bbbbbbaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkk!

I’m probably the only person that actually reads this, but I thought I’d mention (to myself) that I’m back brewing again. After a six month layoff I’ve started brewing again. A lot of things went on in my personal life since my last (ill fated it seems) brew, but I’ve done it again. And really, what better way to return than with the next installment of my WooPAh brew?

So, for anyone that actually stumbles upon this, and wonders what the hell a WooPAh is, it’s my attempts at creating an Imperial IPA based on a Wheat Ale. The ultimate summer beer meets the ultimate in an IPA. The recipe is as follows:

10.5 lbs American Wheat Extract

1.25 2-row Barley
1.25 White Wheat
0.25 Crystal 20L

2 oz Columbus (60 minute boil)
3 oz Amarillo (15 minute boil)
1 oz Cascade (15 minute boil)
4 oz Cascade (5 minute boil)

I did a split kettle batch. 3.5 gallons with grains steeping at 155, 3.5 gallons boiling with the hops. Once the boil cycle was complete, I pulled the grain and the hops, combined the water and brought to a boil. Added the extract and returned to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes (sterilization mostly) and then chill and pitch yeast (American Ale II from Wyeast). Per ProMash this beer has an OG of 1.078 (measured 1.073 at 70 degrees) and a IBU rating of 156.3. It smelled (and tasted) fantastic. It’s now sitting in my 6.5 carboy (in the closet of my office), awaiting on the fermentation process. The AAII was really taking off considering it had all of two hours out of the fridge before pitching (smacked the pack immediately upon removing from the refrigerator). I’ll update this with a T.G. (tertiary gravity) once I’ve got it transferred to the secondary.