Nothing new, but an update nonetheless

No real updates, as we haven’t done much brewing in the last few days, but I felt an update was necessary. We moved the cider to a secondary fermentation, and have superdoused it with campden tablets (15 all told). I believe the plan is to move the cider to the demi-john purchased this weekend and top off the demi with CO2 from our kegging outfit. Perhaps when we move it to the third we’ll get a better idea of the potency of the off-flavors/vinegar. Maybe the campden worked, though I’m doubtful.

As mentioned above, Derick purchased a Demi-John. For those unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, here’s a picture:
It’s a 15 gallon glass carboy in a plastic faux-bamboo cover. The main purpose of this is to brew sake at some point (needs lots of room for swollen rice when brewing sake), but in the interim it’ll serve as yet another backup carboy (this now brings the total glass carboys of various sizes to 6).

Derick did a batch of Scottish Ale this weekend without my assistance. The ladies at the club needed me, and I had to abandon the brewing process. The trailer smelled wonderful when I returned, falling asleep to the wonderous odors of malted barleys wafting across your nose is a delicious treat. I recommend it to everyone. On the subject of the beer, I think it should turn out ok. We double-started the batch of yeast, and the krausen took off like a champ on it. It’s already started to settle out, so this might be a really quick turn around on the beer. We’ll see this weekend when we rack how we turned out on our gravity.

We moved the alt-bier into the closet for “lagering” purposes. I’m sure I’ll come up with something clever to name it (how’s “Out of the Closet Ale” strike you? Weak I think, but it’s a first shot). As I’ve mentioned in the past, we keep the trailer cold in the winter, and the closet is even colder. Currently running around 45 degrees, it’ll be perfect for lagering. In fact, I’ve got a Schwartzbier to do this weekend that’ll spend the next two months in their. Need to take advantage of the cold while I can right?

We also did a huge swap-a-roo of the carboys. We’d run into a bit of trouble with our brewing, in that all five carboys were occupied at the same time, and nothing was ready for bottling. The solution we came up with was to move the cider to the corny keg, and then move the remaining four from one carboy to the next. This worked well, though I can see issues coming up. I’m going to have to get the freezer and additional corny’s sooner rather than later I guess. Oh well. That’s it for today, I’ll post later this week.