Update: Site mostly fixed

As you can see, the site appears to be back in mostly functional order at this time. We’ve only got the one style up and working, and since my boss reads this, that’ll be the only thing fixed while I’m working today (Hi Steve!). Hopefully I can get the captcha installed, otherwise I think we’ll be looking at Poker run wild in no time. I also hope to get the style switcher functioning as quickly as possible too. That’ll be interesting, as the current codebase is some kind of bastardization of WordPress 1.2 and WordPress 1.5. Oh well, at least it looks right again. 🙂 The admin side of 1.5 seems much nicer. If nothing else I no longer seem to get random white pages. That’s a positive. Ah well, back to the real job. Enjoy the corrected visage.

Apologies all. I misguidedly decided to upgrade the site tonight, and as you can see, it’s a little wonky. All of the images are currently awol, as I don’t back things up very well. I’ll try and get things back to where they were shortly, but it will likely be until tomorrow before it’s fully restored, as I’m sleepy

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  1. Rather continuing to update the main post, I’ll note that I’ve implemented a new method of blocking comment spam. Rather than restoring the previous capcha, I’ve added a nifty little javascript application that requires a compatible browser. In my pathetic, limited testing this seems effective. If you are unable to leave a comment, verify that you have scripting enabled (or at the bare minimum prompted) and you should have no problems.

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