10% off Sale at Austin Homebrew

Nothing new, as I’m currently awaiting a few different shipments from various places, but I wanted to pass this along to anyone that reads this. Good until 5pm CDT Sunday, anything in the store is 10% off. Good stuff. I’ve taken the opportunity to order a Kolsch and a Wheat kit to brew up. As always, increasing the fermentables and adding to the hops should improve the end result. 🙂

We’ve still got an ESB to brew, and Derick has a Pilsner coming from morebeer.com as well. Lots of stuff to do ini the coming weeks that’s for sure. I guess it’s about time we got back in gear, as we’ve sort of slacked off lately and are running out of beer to drink. The keg fridge should energize the movement, and to that end I’ve got a 1-into-3 gas manifold, refrigerator shank and tap, and some gas line en route as well. This should greatly improve the useability of the keg fridge, and ensure we keep the brew flowing. I’ll promise here to update the site once we’ve gotten the manifold and tap installed.