Back from the dead, with new toys

I recognize it’s been a while, but I’ve returned with some gusto. Or at least I think so. We here at the trailer realized with summer coming, the brewing closet wasn’t going to quite work for us. The temperatures have been steadily climbing, and once they passed 50 degrees it was time for something new. We needed a keg fridge.

Like all things in life, I believe in going for the gusto. A simple refrigerator wasn’t going to cut it. Storage capacity with your average refrigerator isn’t that great, at best I’d be able to get two cornelius kegs in it. A chest freezer was the perfect thing, except for the temperature issues. Luckily, we’ve got temperature controls to handle this. This Ranco device power cycles the freezer to maintain the temperature of a freezer above the normal range. So with the above Ranco, and this 9 cubic foot Frigidaire we had the basis for an ideal keg fridge. Total capacity is four cornelius kegs a 20 pound CO2 tank and various bottles.

The only issue we had with this was a waste of a space, and a desire not to visibly alter the freezer. So a plan was formed to modify the freezer to meet our needs. A frame was created to seperate the door from the freezer by approximately 6 inches. The frame was created out of 1×4 and 1×6 boards, is hollow in the center and was filled with insulated styrofoam. The entire frame was then mounted over the top of the freezer and the door was bolted directly to the wooden framework. The inside frame was built using a 1×6 to hang into the freezer and act as a lip to ensure the framework was solid when attached.

Off the framework we built a 1×16 based shelving unit. It’s attached directly to the freezer door frame, rises 48 inches above the freezer and has a single enclosed shelf 22 inches above the door frame, perfectly sized to allow door clearance. The single shelf is 20 inches in height and allows. The below two pictures show the view of the shelving unit from the left an right. I’ll take a picture of the inside frame later and add it below.

left right

update Here are a couple of images of the frame that the door is attached too. Notice the inside channel lips into the freezer itself. This provides stability to the shelving and ensures the door and framework do not move.
left right

update 2 Here are two more images to show the full height and shelving of the unit.
left right