Mead and others

If you’ve read that post below you’ll notice my desire for experimentation. I love to drink a certain style of beer, and I love making it repeatedly. But the thing I think that draws me to brewing so much is the creativity afforded me. For a reasonable investment, I can try new things and fully unleash what little still remains of my creative side. This weekend I had several moments of just such inspiration and creativity.
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Finding time to do things

It’s been a while (yet again) since I last posted. I haven’t stopped brewing beer, but I haven’t been updating. The number of posts here over the last year show that well enough I suppose. Finding the time to brew and then subsequently post about brewing seems to be harder all the time. Without my roomate I am definitely drinking less beer, hence the need to brew as frequently is decreased. I need to keep thinking and writing about it though, hence this post.
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