New recipes on-hand

I’ve been pretty neglectful in keeping progress updated, so I thought I’d drop a note to say that we’ve got several new recipes onhand. The first (and most dear to my heart) is the first beer we brewed at the trailer, a clone of Victory’s Hop Devil Ale. You may be asking why we’d go back and do the clone over again, so let me explain. I love Victory Hop Devil. Some people love Jesus, some people love ice cream, others even love Hello Kitty, me, I love Victory’s Hop Devil Ale. One of the most amazing and delectable beers ever made on this planet. I’m stuck in Iowa though (hey, prohibition ended like 8 decades ago guys!), so no Victory for me. 🙁 As well, the first time around, we seriously shortbrewed this delectable concoction, ending with only 3+ gallons instead of the full five.
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