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King of Slack

That’s my official title. I’ve been incredibly inconsistent with updating this thing lately. It’s not a surprise, as writing about myself and my exploits isn’t exactly my bag. I’m more of a talker, get a couple of beers in me and I’ll do my best to entertain you for the rest of the evening. Writing though always seems a bit pretentious to me (as if I have anything worth reading to say) and it’s difficult to want to do it. But I pay the bills for this website so I should occasionally update. Continue reading King of Slack

Mead and others

If you’ve read that post below you’ll notice my desire for experimentation. I love to drink a certain style of beer, and I love making it repeatedly. But the thing I think that draws me to brewing so much is the creativity afforded me. For a reasonable investment, I can try new things and fully unleash what little still remains of my creative side. This weekend I had several moments of just such inspiration and creativity.
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Finding time to do things

It’s been a while (yet again) since I last posted. I haven’t stopped brewing beer, but I haven’t been updating. The number of posts here over the last year show that well enough I suppose. Finding the time to brew and then subsequently post about brewing seems to be harder all the time. Without my roomate I am definitely drinking less beer, hence the need to brew as frequently is decreased. I need to keep thinking and writing about it though, hence this post.
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I’m Bbbbbbaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkk!

I’m probably the only person that actually reads this, but I thought I’d mention (to myself) that I’m back brewing again. After a six month layoff I’ve started brewing again. A lot of things went on in my personal life since my last (ill fated it seems) brew, but I’ve done it again. And really, what better way to return than with the next installment of my WooPAh brew?
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A long time coming…

So, my friends have been grumbling that I don’t write often enough. Looking at the last entry (May!) they seem to be right. I’ve not done a lot of brewing due to the very warm summer we’ve had (and the propensity boiling 6 gallons of water has for heating up a 14×72 steel roofed trailer), and have been busy with work and life in general. But tonight I’m brewing, so I should at least say something!
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Update: Site mostly fixed

As you can see, the site appears to be back in mostly functional order at this time. We’ve only got the one style up and working, and since my boss reads this, that’ll be the only thing fixed while I’m working today (Hi Steve!). Hopefully I can get the captcha installed, otherwise I think we’ll be looking at Poker run wild in no time. I also hope to get the style switcher functioning as quickly as possible too. That’ll be interesting, as the current codebase is some kind of bastardization of WordPress 1.2 and WordPress 1.5. Oh well, at least it looks right again. 🙂 The admin side of 1.5 seems much nicer. If nothing else I no longer seem to get random white pages. That’s a positive. Ah well, back to the real job. Enjoy the corrected visage.
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10% off Sale at Austin Homebrew

Nothing new, as I’m currently awaiting a few different shipments from various places, but I wanted to pass this along to anyone that reads this. Good until 5pm CDT Sunday, anything in the store is 10% off. Good stuff. I’ve taken the opportunity to order a Kolsch and a Wheat kit to brew up. As always, increasing the fermentables and adding to the hops should improve the end result. 🙂
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AHA National Homebrew Competition

This Friday is the deadline for submission to the 1st round of the AHA National Homebrew Competition. Now, I’ve only been brewing for a few months, but I like to think I’m getting the hang of this thing (most people seem to like my stuff). As I’d previously mentioned, I took a comment from my dear friend Aaron to heart, and felt that I needed to prove my hop-mettle once and for all. To that end, I brewed a rather potent concoction.
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